one down one more to go.

15 Apr
Dainty Sichuan Food Restaurant
26 Corrs Lane

Tel : (03) 96638861
(Closed on Tuesdays)

so i had the best sichuan food evertonight
thanks to Peggy (:
it was awesome. hehe.
thanks for inviting us! hehe
the food was spicy, oily and everything that will make your stomach churn.
yes i know. doesnt sound too nice.
but trust me. the food was yumms! hehe

The restaurant was situated at this small little alley
at the corner.
but the queue was crazy.
the crowd was crazy for a wednesday night.
the number of people going in and going out of the restaurant was just madness.
and if you don’t book.
you can’t get a table unless you have all your people there with you.
that’s how packed they are!

it’s a pity i didn’t get to take the photo of the food.
i will the next time i go back with Baby.
cause too many people at the table.
was shy to stop them from eating just to snap the photos.
but the food was really good.
i swear! haha

okie. so before going into the restaurant.
baby and I witness the amount of dried chilli the food will have.

the supplier came with this HUGE bag of dried chilli
that made jaw drop! haha.
and for your information.
it’s not just one bag.
it was TWO! hahaha

haha. yes. with tonnes of chinese cooking wine!
it was just scary.
but looking at the food
(which i promise i will show u the next time i go there)
im not surprised at why they need so much chilli! haha

okie. so yes. after the awesome dinner.
i went home to finish the long-due essay
(overdue cause i was hoping to finish this yesterday!)
but yes. im glad one is down
and tomorrow will be :

research and reading day!

which by the way
i can’t believe i actually named the day. but yes.
just keeps my aim in mind.
so hopefully i can get the last one done and enjoy the weekend before uni starts!

*fingers crossed*

for now.
slumber land.



4 Responses to “one down one more to go.”

  1. lesterho April 16, 2009 at 1:29 am #

    my ass burns from it now. haha. sorry you have to bare with all the potent farts.

  2. lesterho April 16, 2009 at 1:29 am #

    my ass burns from it now. haha. sorry you have to bare with all the potent farts.

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