not nice being away. lucky i’ve got you.

18 Feb

it’s been just 3 days away
and I must say I really do miss home alot.

i miss my parents.
being home for a year got me really attached to them.
and now, being away from them is not a very nice feeling.

i miss my brother.
we hang out everyday
out or at his balcony
just chit-chatting.
just having him beside me gives me comfort.
i really do miss him.

i miss my dogs.
them sitting outside my door impatiently
asking me to take them out for walks.

i miss my grams.
all their delicious food
and how they make me laugh.
seeing them happy, makes me happy.

i miss my cousins.
got to hang out alot with them last year.
very good and nice to know they are there.

i miss you Jas!
though we didn’t get to meet alot.
but whenever we do.
we have so much fun and laughter.
come over soon!
so we can have some bestie time. (:

I miss all my close friends –
Val, Lynn, Queenie, Yiang, Chel, Shir, Drea, Feng
Was awesome being able to meet up with you for like meals and stuff.

But fortunately.
I have my baby here with me.
at least the days are not as lonely as it was when i was here by myself.

Thank you all of you
for making my year back home so memorable
and unforgettable.
It was awesome.
I really hope we can hang out again soon.
(here in Melbs!)



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