more of guangzhou!

18 Feb
yes. at long last.
i got the photos compiled the last day
and here it is! (:
it’s all about food this trip. haha
of course shopping. as you’ve seen before. hehe
so it’s going to be pretty much all photos this post! hehe
so don’t say you weren’t warned!

we had an awesome dim sum at our hotel
June jiejie treated us! hehe
they had the best egg tarts.
they were more of milk tarts hehe
we all packed 2 boxes home each! (:

then we headed to Shang Xia Jiu Jie
with alot of food and shopping! hehe
found this eating street.
and it was all the cheap and yummy stuff! hehe

that’s alot of food! haha (:
but yes. we ate them all.
pro right? i think so too! hehe

and baby, Melissa and June did the ultimate.

they had baby scorpions! arhhh! haha.
i couldn’t watch.

well this trip was awesome.
not just the food and the shopping
but of course the company! (:
really enjoyed myself.
and my tummy would agree to it as well!

Thank you Yingy and his family for bringing us around
and treating us to really good meals.
Thank you Qirong for also bringing us around! (:



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