Guangzhou Trip Day 2

8 Feb
yes yes. very very late. haha
photos are so difficult to edit! (:
oh wells.

Day 2 of Guangzhou! and trust me.
each day just gets better!
food, shopping, food, shopping.
seriously. AWESOME!

Yingy brought us to this area with alot of sports stuff!
but the highlight of the morning was…

and they were super yummy!
and scarily cheap. haha

there was so much on one plate,
but it only costs S$1.50!!!
was a lucky thing we met Yingy’s grandma there.
that’s how we got seats to begin with! haha
and she was so nice!
she said she was going home
but ended up coming back to the restaurant and gave us chestnuts!

they were nice and round and small! (:
eat it when it’s hot!

after a really full breakfast
we went to get Haolin’s dream shoes! haha

hehe he was so happy la.
it’s something he’s been wanting for a long time!

don’t get me wrong
we did heaps of shopping haha
just didn’t take a photo of the bags!
Qirong, Melissa and I even went for a manicure for like $6! haha

then we headed to Jusco
(opposite to the place we were at)
to have like small little snack like stuff for lunch!
and the food was so good.
I wish Singapore had supermarkets like that. haha
we bought food
and sat outside the bench and started eating!

was a pretty good experience.
cause you never really get to do that anywhere else (:

We shopped even more after
and had dinner at this really yummy Thai restaurant

and we had an additional plate of a hot favourite!

in the middle of our meal
we were pulled out to the open floors to DANCE!
omg. haha
so embarrassing
but was fun at the same time (:

and I was dancing with this guy
and he was super enthusiastic! haha

he decided to pose for June to take a shot of him and me.

yes. i was embarrassed. haha
PLUS. there was a video.
but no one is gonna even have a peek of it unless u were there! haha

as if dinner wasn’t enough
we went back to our hotel (Lido)
and decided to have dessert! haha
cause we all had a sweet tooth! hehe

and after dessert
we just couldn’t move anymore. haha
but to go sleep and get energized for the next day!

and it just gets better!


2 Responses to “Guangzhou Trip Day 2”

  1. thetruthfulone February 10, 2009 at 2:04 am #

    I ALSO WANT:):) hugs:)
    love ya nut!

  2. thetruthfulone February 10, 2009 at 2:04 am #

    I ALSO WANT:):) hugs:)
    love ya nut!

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