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Guangzhou Trip Day 2

8 Feb
yes yes. very very late. haha
photos are so difficult to edit! (:
oh wells.

Day 2 of Guangzhou! and trust me.
each day just gets better!
food, shopping, food, shopping.
seriously. AWESOME!

Yingy brought us to this area with alot of sports stuff!
but the highlight of the morning was…

and they were super yummy!
and scarily cheap. haha

happiness! (:


Happy 21st my dearest mei

8 Feb

Happy BIG 21st my dearest! (:
Hope this day was FABULOUS! hehe
although you told me you’re staying in.
I hope not! hehe

PS : Miss you heaps!

we need to skype soon!

The very first

8 Feb

Woohoo! 🙂 I’m using my iPhone to post an entry for the very first time. Haha talk about multitasking!

Lianne is…

1) Watching CSI marathon on AXN
2) drinking ice cold water – cause it’s so hot today
3) writing an entry
4) listening to what my aunt and mum is talking about
5) ruffling my fingers through my pups fur

Haha. Awesome la.

Have a great last second day of CNY peeps! 🙂

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