Guangzhou Trip Day 1 (at long last!)

2 Feb
this took a while haha.
but about a month ago
we went to Guangzhou for a holiday!
and boy was it a good one. hehe
for the shopping as well as the food. and everything was C-H-E-A-P!

People on the trip :

Mummy, Lianne, Lester, Melissa, Haolin and June

People we met at Guangzhou :

Qirong and Yingy PLUS family!

haha so many people this trip.
a pity dad didn’t join us. I am sure he would enjoy it!
Next time then. haha
an excuse to go again! (:

when we arrived
we were very fortunate that Yingy and his family arranged transort for us
to get to the airport on Beijing Lu!
and when we reached the hotel
checked in and cheong the street food! haha

after the MALA noodles
which obviously was numbing our tongue. haha
we needed a quench our thirst
and found this cute looking bubble tea shop!

something different! and not too bad too. hehe

at night. we met Yingy’s parents for dinner at Kam Boat
and when we got there.
OMG. haha we had a private room
and just like the Hong Kong movies
big tables and chairs
and we dine. like kings and queens! hehe (:
awesome experience!

and no. these are not the only things we had
we had heaps more food!
but these are my favourite two! hehe
love love love! (:

after dinner.
Uncle wanted us to experience how their ktv is like. haha
and so we did
and boy was it different!

but on the way there.
baby spotted something he L-O-V-E!

and the funniest thing was i showed my dad the picture
and he simply said " I had it before already! "
haha. so funny la my dad.

okie back to the ktv. haha
once again. we were booked the private room
and when we entered
on the two tables were a huge platter of fruits! hehe
with really nice carved decor!
PLUS. two bottles of Martell Cordon Bleu
and we were all super shocked! hehe

and we were taught how to play counting of dice!
hehe was pretty fun. hehe the one who lost had to drink. haha
so we were trying our best! hehe

was an awesome first day at Guangzhou.
More good food and interesting things to come!
Day 2 and 3 coming next!


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