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Happy Anniversary Baby!

17 Jan
yes. it’s jus the monthly one.
but none-the-less
it’s still important! and we still have mini celebrations! haha
like good dinners and stuff. hehe

well. before the BIG meal.
we decided to make a stop at Soup Spoon.
since we both never had it before.
and there was alot of people talking about it.
to have our snack! hehe

this month
we went to Kuishinbo.

awesome awesome food. hehe
we ate till we could hardly walk! hehe

Baby’s favourite place. only because of the CRAB! haha
he didn’t have it once, not twice, not three times.

but four times! haha
Baby said the Aunty sitting beside our table was staring at him!
cause he ate soo much crab. hehe

well. I say
as long as you enjoy it, eat it! (:

Baby got me the cutest thing ever.
Cupcake speakers
(who some say look like boobs from certain angles! hahaha)
but i love it!
thanks sweetie (:

Happy Anniversary!