14 Jan
After New Zealand
Haolin flew back with Lester and I to Melbourne
and we tried to bring him to as many places as we can in 4 days! haha

In summary :

We had so much food, bought a Wii, played the Wii
went for Kanye West concert (previous post)
and more food! (:

The photos will tell you everything!

this organic vegan place we found at Smith Street
really good food! hehe

of course this is one place I will surely bring people to
Ms Marples! (:

and we took alot fo shots of the Giant Chair! haha

make a wish Haolin! (:

after taking so much photos
we headed to have pancakes at Flippin’ Panckes!
just for desserts. hehe

how awesome does the strawberry pancake look! hehe
pretty too aye?

dropping by Rebel Sports
baby saw a rugby ball of the team he’s gonna intern for this year! (:
sure is, his team!

we also brought haolin to this new place at St Kilda’s
Well. not new for me.
but it is for Haolin and Baby
and I really enjoyed their tofu burger when I had it last time
 of cos. tt’s what i had this time round as well! hehe

how awesome does the food look? hehe
definitely heading back there again for breakie!

i brought Haolin to Brighton Beach to see the coloured houses.
the weather was really nice.
with a beautiful sky! hehe

and after shopping and walking a whole day
when you feel hungry
what should you look for to eat?

Grill’d! hehe
the boys ordered the portebello burger.
they really enjoyed it! (:

Hope you enjoyed the trip Haolin!
come back again with Qirong and we can go elsewhere!
(esp Beef Rendang! haha)



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