Happy 2009 !

1 Jan
New Year’s Eve always had two celebrations!
The first would be Lester’s Mum’s birthday
and the other would be the counting down plus dinner with family (:

This year
we went to Sushi Tei for Auntie’s birthday celebration
and we had so much food!
and we surprised her with a cake! hehe
she was so surprised and happy, I hope!

the next would be the usual New Year’s Eve dinner with the family!
and this year we went to Raffles Town Club
cause Haolin is with us, and there’s vegetarian food (:
the food was alright.
not super good.
the service was a disappointment.
but i guess, it’s not really nice to work on New Year’s Eve aye?

here are the photos for the night!

always awesome to celebrate New Year’s with loved ones and friends! (:

after dinner. we headed to TANGO’S!!! (:
for the count down. hehe.

Happy New Years!


haha. obviously we had heaps of fun! (:
hope all of you did too!



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