More of New Zealand! (back-dated!)

22 Dec
I know it’s been a long time
been really busy with alot of things!
haha but here are the updates of New Zealand a few weeks ago


after all the yummy food we had for the first day
the next day, we had to do some activity! haha
so my uncle brought us to this new place called

we had quite alot of fun. hehe
and cos it was also my first time there.
so it was good! (:

us in our helmets! hahaha

baby in his luge! (:

the track was pretty long
and the ride up to get to the peak was super slow. haha
but we had a good view. so who’s to complain?

we went to Goat’s Island after playing the luge
and it’s known for the blue fishes that swim really close to shore
so if you stand in the shallow waters
you’ll have fishes swimming around your legs!

the many fishes in the water.
apparently, they use to be more.
but i thought this was plenty!!

we also had a picnic at the lake side
and it was awesome!
although the ducks kept coming to steal our food! haha

and on our way home
we saw this van-home which looked super cute! haha

and of cos everyday
we would have good food. hehe
my aunt made spinach and cheese pie
and it was so good! (:

creamy on the inside
crispy on the outside. SUPER yum!

the left over spinach were made into triangles.
and eaten like a curry puff!

it was more sightseeing and shopping the next day
before we set off for our small trip to Rotoroa and Lake Taopo

the biggest shopping centre in Auckland
it was really huge!
could get lost in it. hehe
and since it’s christmas (my fav season of the year besides CNY)
there was a huge tree outside the shopping area

and we were introduced to this cool eating place
called Burger Fuel

they have so many choices
and even have for vegetarians
and i tell you.
the burgers were AWESOME! (:
and HUGE haha

I couldn’t finish!

to show u that it is really huge

my cousin with hers! haha huge right? when u see it like that. haha

baby with his! hehe

we also went to the crater
that is pretty deep! and the wind was sooo strong! haha
bad day to wear a dress!

heaps of sight seeing (: hehe
and flower appreciation!

and ladies and gentlemen
let me introduce the tree for the future!

haha. so funnny. (:
i wouldn’t really want that to be surrounding me.
oh wells.
moving on!

we were on our way to Lake Taopo
and we stopped at Hamilton Gardens to talk a quick look around

US! (:

hehe baby being one of the guards!

can u find us? haha

to end off the first day on our road trip
we had really good indian food! (:
super yummy!

the food was so good! haha
i just really really like indian food. (:
awesome way to end the day.

this is not much
but the next few days are filled with extreme sports! haha
so stay tuned! will be back very soon! (:


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