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Good to be in your arms

11 Nov
Boy, I can’t say enough of how glad I am to be back
and be in my baby’s arms again! hehe
Never been happier really. (:

Being a breakfast person
We went out for breakfast the very next day! (:
and Red Box it was
as we’re crazy about their onion jam.
cause it’s sooo good! (:

I tell you.
I can never find breakfast in Singapore as good as the ones I can have in Mlebourne
and I mean it. hehe

this time. instead of onion jam
i decided to have eggs on a hot iron pan with bacon, tomatoes and sausages.
and it was SO GOOD!

yumm yumm yummmmmm (:

Baby had his usual eggs and of course onion jam!

wanted to get a jar, but they ran out of it. hehe
Have to go back on Thursday!

my Baby (:

Good to be back Down Under (:
I love you!