Food post scare

4 Nov
haha. the day after we went to Night Safari
we had lunch together at Novena
and it’s been a LONG time since I had chicken rice there.
and it is really yummilicious! (:

if u had a chance.
you should give this place a try!

you can choose either roasted chicken or white chicken
but i personally prefer roasted chicken!

and roasted chicken we did have!

with veg : baby kai lan

the not too oily rice (: hehe
i like it.

and their fried tofu. hehe
is sooo good! (:
like homemade tofu.

and i went to do my mani pedi and met my parents at United Square for dessert!

their  famous dessert
almond cream with egg white!
mummy had this! hehe

my dad had the almond cream on it’s own!

i had the yam thing.
but it wasnt good at all.
no yam taste. hehe

lucky thing. this saved me from not returning back to the place

and the inside that was FILLED with sesame paste!

a day filled with food. haha.
im happy! (:


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