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Laughter and screams ; tricks or treats ?

1 Nov
It was my first time celebrating Halloween
and when Gladys suggested going to Night Safari on this day
cause they had some horror special
I didn’t think twice and called along Aaron and June (:
and I think it was a perfect day
spending time with family
screaming and laughing together.
Just awesome!

But to start off the awesome night
we brought Aaron to AMK Hub to have Fish & Co.
as it was his first time there.
and I think he liked it (:

x O x O x O


Pumpkins, spiders and witches – St Gerard’s School

1 Nov
It was my first time celebrating Halloween
and it was my first time planning to celebrate Halloween. heh
and I had so much fun from the beginning!
From buying the things, to decorating it, to carrying out the games and activities!

so when you enter my school
you’ll be greeted with..

mr. Happy man. hehe

Dinner with my dearest Jas

1 Nov
Been too long since we met and had a good time together
no matter what we’re doing.
be it mani-pedi, eating, talking.
ANYTHING. really! (:

this time. we met for just some catching up and a good jap meal!

Tamaya Dining at Cappage Centre

We were quite reluctant to eat there after looking at the price of the food
but decided to stay there anyways
and since they served us the cold dish
we were obliged to order food haha

the specials menu! hehe

the cold dish that they served us (:
pretty good. abit on the sour side
so it made us a bit hungrier after. hehe

hot plate chilli squid
I would say we should have ordered the chicken instead. haha
this wasn’t that fantastic

SUPER good agedashi tofu
this really was very very good. hehe
one of the favourites for the nite!

and for the MAIN DISH!

this was quite reasonable. $25 and we almost couldn’t finish the whole thing
and we shared! haha.
but this was really really good.
I totally recommend it!

was really good meeting you dear! (:
All the best in Mexico! hehe
I will be supporting you from down under!