Mount Faber-Kent Ridge Park-Alexander Road : 4hrs walk!

27 Oct
Since it was the holidays
We decided to try the long walk at Mount Faber to Kent Ridge Park
and out to Alexander Road to have lunch at ABC market. haha

The walk was a total of 4 hours!
Been really long since I’ve walked almost non-stop for 4 hours!
Was a really good walk though.
After all the good food I’ve been having.
This was indeed NEEDED. haha

The map that we were going to walk for the morning/afternoon. hehe
We started off our walk at 845am

A brief introduction to the route we will be taking (:

All pumped up and ready to go!
(plus me of course!)

up up we go! (:

Reaching our first peak. hehe

and walking on
we passed the coolest place ever!

how cool is the name of the place
and the way it looks?? hehe

and we came to the first main attraction of the walk :
The Henderson Waves!

the view of the wave from far.
actually just ONE wave (:

the sides view is a little bit more obvious!

mummy and meeee (:

the ladies

and we continued walking towards the next attraction : 
Hilltop Walk!

and that’s why it’s called Hilltop. haha
it’s of a very significant height!

and it’s like that all the way down

and the end of this Hilltop Walk leads to the next attraction :

and after the arch
we walked towards Kent Ridge Park

and stopped at this hill to have a breather and some water

and there was areally pretty view of the waters

the men walking up the steps towards Kent Ridge Park!

and we walked back towards Hort Park which is our ending point!

the flowers in Hort Park were B-E-A-U-TIFUL! hehe
too bad the Glass houses were closed cause it’s a public holiday today
or else we could have seen prettier ones!

im not really into flowers besides blue roses. haha
but these were really pretty (:

was really really tired by the end of the 4 hours
we decided to take a bus to ABC Market
though it was only 2 stops away.
But it was a LONG 2 stops away!

Well. at the end  of the day
it was a good 4 hours walk
and was really nice spending the holiday with my family!



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