Clementi Claypot Rice

26 Oct

After watching Highschool Musical 3 with my dearest cousin, Aaron
We met his family for dinner, together with mum and dad (:
and we went to Clementi for super yummy claypot rice! hehe

how good does it look? hehe
SUPER GOOD la. hehe

and be sure to order before hand
cause the waiting time during peak hours could range from 45mins to 90mins!
and during non-peak it’s 20-30mins
so call and book before u go! hehe

Sure looks yummm!
First we have to take out the ingredients then mix the black sauce with the rice!

we left it in the hands of the fathers! (:

was a good good meal
and nice meeting up for dinner as a family after a long while!

Venue : 

New Lucky Claypot Rice
Blk 328 Clementi Ave 2
Tel : 67787808


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