Deepavali : Festival of Lights

25 Oct
It was my first time celebrating it as a teacher
and i really had alot of fun!
and of course, ate a bit too much. haha
but there was too much YUMMY food.
there’s no way I could resist
since i really love having indian food. (:

We made up an Indian Culture room
where the children will walk through it
and understand Deepavali a little better.

Mango leaves to ward off evil (what my teacher assistant told me)

Lighting the candles and the candle stick (:

can you see 2 peacocks?
pretty aye?
it’s coloured rice! we did it the night before.

the children listening to the culture talk given by the teacher (:

how cute is he??? haha
he’s JAP! (:

just some of the traditional indian sweets!

the children loved it! (:

we also did hennas! (:
and i drew on the children’s hands.
and my own too!

not too bad eh? for drawing it on my own left wrist! hehe

another teacher was really good at drawing
and she drew different things on her K2 children (:

We also had cookie tasting!
my principal’s mother baked all the cookies herself!

( my favourite by the way ! )

and these are SOOOO goood! (:

the children of all ages giving all of them a try!

After that we had garland making demonstration!

and the last activity was playing with sparklers.
but only the older children could play it! (:
for safety reasons of course!

dancing with sparklers! (:

we had really good food cooked by my principal’s mum
and I tell you. I ate till I was grinning from ear to ear! haha
I really LOVE indian good!

it’s really quick. I’ve only got 5 more days of work.
I know I am going to miss working with everyone in school.

but sad things aside..

Happy Deepavali Everyone!


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