Dinner with Val

14 Oct
Been a really long time since we hung out
and it was really nice catching up and having good food as well. (:

We ended up having Jap food at this restaurant as Plaza Singapura

It’s apparently linked to Ajisen Ramen place.
and I must say the food is not too bad!

we ordered this hot plate toufu thing with cheese
and it was really good! hehe
very very yummy.

and we ate all the way to the middle. and left an island like piece on the plate.
we just couldn’t eat anymore. haha

I tried the cod roe pasta with salmon
cause I’ve been having a salmon craze. haha

I think the one I had at Ambush with Gladys was better though (:
but it’s not bad! hehe

Val had the omurice with bacon and spinach cream sauce
this rocked. haha (:

ALWAYS nice to have good company
and good food!
Look forward to having dinner or a meal with u again my dear friend.
Stay happy!

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