Spa Thermatique at Holland Village

11 Oct
Had another good Saturday spent with my cousin June! (:
and yes. I do like having a massage and having a body scrub
and I do it once a month after working hard and having climb 134 steps up and down everyday
so I reward myself with a monthly spa session with my cousin!

before our spa
we went for a light lunch at Cafe 211!
i wanted to bring her there cos she hasn’t been there before.

nice ambiance
pretty good food. (:
good company.
I don’t see why not!

this was what I had.
the healthiest thing I’ve had so far. haha
fruits, CELERY, cranberries, grapefruit and nuts!
I do like it. even the CELERY! haha

June had the tandoori chicken salad with vinaigrette dressing
which she really likes (:

Hopefully you enjoyed the food! hehe
thought you would like the place.

we then headed to Spa Thermatique for our Oriental massage and scrub
and I love how the place looked!

very very oriental.
everything in there was!

the slippers that we changed into

the welcome tea (:

and the seats! hehe and of cos the decors! (:

the massage was really good.
like they cater to your own body.
their senior therapist will massage you according to the needs of your body
and i had so many knots along my spine.
she released all of them.
painful. but it was good! (:
Now i feel a bit more comfortable. like my whole body is not too tight anymore!

Good service, friendly staff and the best ginger tea!
I wouldn’t mind going back again next time.

It was definitely a good Saturday out with my cousin. (:

thank you for finding this promotion! (:
was a great day together!


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