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Mount Faber-Kent Ridge Park-Alexander Road : 4hrs walk!

27 Oct
Since it was the holidays
We decided to try the long walk at Mount Faber to Kent Ridge Park
and out to Alexander Road to have lunch at ABC market. haha

The walk was a total of 4 hours!
Been really long since I’ve walked almost non-stop for 4 hours!
Was a really good walk though.
After all the good food I’ve been having.
This was indeed NEEDED. haha

1, 2 step!


A Beautiful Beginning

27 Oct

Congratulations to the newly weds! (:
It was a beautiful wedding.
I really do love weddings. hehe
But this was a grand and beautiful one that I attended.
A perfect wedding indeed!
L O V E !

Clementi Claypot Rice

26 Oct

After watching Highschool Musical 3 with my dearest cousin, Aaron
We met his family for dinner, together with mum and dad (:
and we went to Clementi for super yummy claypot rice! hehe

High School Musical 3

25 Oct

yes. don’t laugh.
But I loved the show!
caught it with my cousin today
cause he’s also a fan. (:

go watch it if you’re a Disney fan. haha
if you like the music Disney comes up with
(I love Little Mermaid the most!)

Deepavali : Festival of Lights

25 Oct
It was my first time celebrating it as a teacher
and i really had alot of fun!
and of course, ate a bit too much. haha
but there was too much YUMMY food.
there’s no way I could resist
since i really love having indian food. (:
See how much fun we had!

Happy Birthday to You!

24 Oct
It was a double celebration today :
Deepavali and a student’s birthday! (:
(Deepavali will be the next post!)

I am so going to miss all of them =(

Celebrations in Order!

Old School Days

23 Oct
It’s been too long since we hung out together
and had the fun we did
think the last time we hung out as SLR was like in secondary school! haha
In the library and all. *Grins*
well. it was a perfect night.
we talked about everything then and now.
Looking forward to the 3rd of Nov!

x o x o x o x o

All Grown Up!

19 Oct
Came across the photos of them when we first got them.

three years down the road



Grandma’s 83rd Birthday Celebration!

19 Oct
It’s one birthday with a grand celebration! hehe
with good food and family as company.
It can’t get any better!

We had dinner at Jumbo Restaurant at Serangoon Gardens
and the food was just awesome!

pictures of food and family xoxoxo

Breakfast with Kor

18 Oct
Saturday is usually a day for brunch with my dearest brother (:
and this week. we went to Coffee Bean! hehe

and I’ve always enjoyed their breakfast.
Baby and I use to have it on some Sundays. hehe

and we decided to order two of our favourite things and share!

Salmon scramble. YUMM. alot of salmon! hehe
my favourite la! hehe

Eggs Benedict! hehe
another of my favourite.
I always have this in Melbourne.

hehe having half of each! (:

So good i tell you.
We reckon the eggs benedict at Coffee Bean is better than most of the places we’ve tried.
So anyone knows places with good eggs benedict?