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Sky : Always Makes Me Smile

28 Sep

He only shows interest in new things.haha
he found this and started chewing! (:
Love this shot of him. hehe



Spa and Dinner with June

28 Sep
Whenever there are those specials for spa treatments in magazines
the first person I think of is my cousinJune.
and we never fail to try out all of them. haha
It’s just something we do together.
and something we enjoy alot! (:

The latest spa treatment we went for was Wellness Spa at Marina Square!
It’s an offer for Swedish massage and a scrub
Well. I must say I wasn’t too impressed by this one.
cause the massage was suppose to be a relaxing one.
But it was the most painful massage I’ve had so far. haha.
Not liking pain (pressure yes. just not pain)
Although the after effect was pretty alright.
Even my scrub felt like she was trying to get my skin peeled. haha

More Cupcakes

28 Sep
One more to add into my cupcake collection ( :
It’s never enough! hehe

Thanks so much Yiang dearest Mei for this luggage tag! hehe
It’s soooo niceeee! hehe
I love it!