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my two chubby lovely pups

17 Sep

well. i guess. Pups no more. haha
But aren’t they just adorable?
Sky’s hugging drummer! and they are sleeping. hehe
Well I must say we cheated.
They were jus sleeping really close to each other
(which is rare by the way!)
and my mummy decided to put sky’s hand across drummer’s body. hehe
and he didn’t resist! hehe
I’m glad I can come home and be greeted by this two round pups. hehe



Sick again!

17 Sep
It’s either I’m really weak or the virus is in the air
But this is the second time I’m sick in the spa of 3 weeks!
and this time. It has stayed with me for 1 and a half weeks! OMG.
So mum took me out from work early
to see a Ear and throat Specialist.
and I found out that I’ve got SINUS! grrrr.
the throbbing head is so bad.
My whole body is aching like nobody’s business
Sleeping in the afternoon doesn’t even help.
Well. Hopefully I could go back to work tomorrow!