Kelong Day 2 : More Food and Memories

13 Sep

Woke up to the loud ring of the bells signaling meal time
and to the smell of porridge!
yes. it’s a HUGE pot of porridge haha.
Never seen that big a pot of porridge before. hehe
and that many hard boiled eggs and sausages!

it was the thick thick kind of porridge that I love. hehe

and after breakfast
I went to walk around and saw someone catch a BIG fish!

and I personally saw them cutting the fish up into pieces to be frozen!

she’s the one who caught it! a pro man. haha

and before I knew it. Lunch was served!
the last meal we had at the Kelong before heading back to JB

calamari! yummers

Vegetables a must!

chicken stew

steamed fish

and after lunch. we were waiting for the boat to come
so we were all just lying on our bunk beds. haha
and Dad took a shot of us without us knowing!

we look erm.. unglam. haha. pardon us pleaseeee ( :

the prettiest lil girl during the trip.
she even posed for me! haha ( :
super pretty right? gosh.

then we were dropped at the largest Jusco shopping centre in JB for some shopping!
in jus 2 hours.
My mummy and I bought alot alot of stuff! haha
and we managed to sit down to have tea as well
at.. Old Town!
(and yes they have this is Singapore too)

mummy and I ordered the ‘Cham’ haha
coffee and tea mix!

Daddy had coffee with milk ( :

our table number

peanut butter thick toast!
was awesomeeeee ( :
I really love thick toast. hehe

my bo luo bun hehe
nice but the ones at Crystal Jade is way better.

French toast! hehe
and there was peanut butter in the middle! haha
im such a sucker for peanut butter.

Well. though it was a short trip
It was really enjoyable! hehe
I would go back again really. ( :
Should give it a try if u ever are asked to go along to a Kelong trip!


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