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Awesome dinner with Queenie!

13 Sep
Met Queenie for dinner after work
(Feel funny calling Queenie cause she was always Qiuling to me haha)
and met her at Paragon
Guess what we had?
SOBA! ( :
my favourite. haha

I ordered Set A and it was sooo filling i tell you. haha
So much foooood! hehe

See what we had!


Kelong Day 2 : More Food and Memories

13 Sep

Woke up to the loud ring of the bells signaling meal time
and to the smell of porridge!
yes. it’s a HUGE pot of porridge haha.
Never seen that big a pot of porridge before. hehe
and that many hard boiled eggs and sausages!
Yes. More photos!

Kelong Day 1 : Food Food Food

13 Sep
Last weekend, I went for a Kelong trip organised by NUSS
I must say it’s a very good experience
Waking up at 5am and leaving Singapore on the bus for Cebu at 7am!

Be warned! ALOT OF PHOTOS! haha ( : Enjoy!
You’ve been warned!