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30 Aug
Met Jas and Yiang for lunch today
and after that we were thinking of what to do.
and decided to go for scrap book hunting! (:


Teacher’s Day! (:

30 Aug
My first Teacher’s Day celebration for me! (:
it’s kinda cool really. hehe
and nice of my boss to treat all of us to dinner at Oriental Hotel!
I was so happy la. haha
and I received gifts from my students
and cards from parents
that could bring tears to my eyes while reading them

So Thank You Ms Vasugi for everything. Really. (:

A pleasant surprise!


Sky Boy

30 Aug
Every week when we head back to my grandma’s house
Sky would always amuse us in the car. haha
He would put his head on my dad’s arm
while driving home.
it’s a super cute thing he does.
EVERY WEEK without fail! (:

cute right? hehe
Never fails to put a smile on our faces.
Sky boy indeed.