26 Aug

Had lunch with Gladys (my cousin) a week ago
didn’t have a chance to put the photos of lunch up!
She brought me to this place in Taka
that had pretty good pasta which I never knew existed! (:
it was kinda fusion
but I really liked it.

the prices were also very reasonable for the portion of the food.
Only thing I was disappointed about was I wanted to try their smoked duck salad
btu they were out of salad in the early afternoon!
I guess I will head back to try it some other time (:

Gladys had the fried ebi prawn with aglio olio
and it was really nice. (:

and I ordered the baby scallops with creamy fish roe sauce.

it was sooo good!
though I couldn’t finish the pasta. hehe
but it was really awesome! (:
Loved it!

Thanks cousin for introducing me to this place!
hehe. I will definitely go back when Lester is back! (:

*one more place to add to the list baby!*

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