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Vegetarian food

26 Aug
Everytime my aunty and uncle is back (of course with my cousins it would be better!)
I would always look forward to go have vegetarian food with them!
and we did just that! (:

We headed to Coronation Plaza for one of the best vegetarian food in Singapore
Really. We all enjoyed the food we had very much.

it started with a roast suckling pig (of course it’s taukee!)
but it was so good when we wrap it up with lettuce and cucumber! (:
the best. really nice and crispy!

Mutton curry!
only but the best! haha
This with rice or like prata. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

fried fish with mushroom sauce.
okie. I’m saying that alot. hehe

Kung pao mushroom hehe
spicy. but shiok!

Sweet potato leaves.
very good. Like kangkong but softer!

Salad prawn! this is yummy! really. hehe

So much to eat. haha.
but yes. I controlled my portions! haha (:
oh wells. hehe I’m such a foodie.

I will bake soon. Kinda in a mood. So stay tuned!
May bake an Elvis! *grins*


Spa Espirit @ Dempsey

26 Aug

Went for a spa with June during the weekend
cause I won the spa vouchers during the bake sale as well! (:
and I must say
They won the best spa award in 2007 for a GOOD reason!
Good service, good massage, good everything! (:
the rooms were nice and comfortable. like. OMG haha.
I loved it. I wanna stay there. haha or at least bring the the whole place back to my house!
I did hot stone massage for the first time
and it was SO GOOD! hehe

after that. June treated me to tea at Barracks.
the plus is – It’s just downstairs! haha
and we had all the chocolatey goodness. hehe it’s not funny!

their warm chocolate toffee cake!
nice. but would be even better if it’s really warm! hehe
kinda cold by the time we got it. but still good!

moist and soft chocolatey centre! (:
how could anything beat that?!?!

spanish donuts! (:
i miss having these in Melbourne.
so decided to order them! hehe

dip with some milk chocolate
and all you can say is… AWESOME! (:
and of course. YUMMERS!

with all the chocolate we had
we have to order some hot tea to go with it.
I had white rose tea which was nice and citrus-y (:

June was nice enough to try the tea coupon I had which gave us a Muah Muah tea!

lucky thing she likes it! (: hehe
i hope so. hehe

well. it was a great weekend
with great company!
But somehow, whenever we go for a spa. I will be sick!
down with a flu. Always! haha
it’s so weird.
but thank you for a nice Sunday!


26 Aug

Had lunch with Gladys (my cousin) a week ago
didn’t have a chance to put the photos of lunch up!
She brought me to this place in Taka
that had pretty good pasta which I never knew existed! (:
it was kinda fusion
but I really liked it.

the prices were also very reasonable for the portion of the food.
Only thing I was disappointed about was I wanted to try their smoked duck salad
btu they were out of salad in the early afternoon!
I guess I will head back to try it some other time (:

Gladys had the fried ebi prawn with aglio olio
and it was really nice. (:

and I ordered the baby scallops with creamy fish roe sauce.

it was sooo good!
though I couldn’t finish the pasta. hehe
but it was really awesome! (:
Loved it!

Thanks cousin for introducing me to this place!
hehe. I will definitely go back when Lester is back! (:

*one more place to add to the list baby!*