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House @ Dempsey

21 Aug

Remember when I won the bake-off and I had the dining vouchers given to me?
(as well as spa vouchers!)
it was expiring on the 29th of August!
So I booked a table for 4 and we went for dinner last night after work
Very rewarding (:

I must say I had high hopes for how the food will turn out
and I was looking forward to having at least one dessert
and I wasn’t disappointed at all!
The food was good, and small portioned!
the dessert was small as well. but very good!

This was what we had for the night :

(excuse the quality of the pictures, my camera batt was low. So i used my dad’s camera.
and since it wasn’t a canon, I was quite confused when using it. haha)

mummy’s signature crispy belly pork
it was done perfectly!
and the meat wasn’t too fat
the pickled vegestables also complimented the dish.

I had the FOIE GRAS! (: haha
the most expensive dish for the night
with smoked duck.
it was SOOOO goodi tell you.
melts in your mouth!
only thing I didn’t like was the pickled onions. hehe oops.
Needed baby to eat them for me!

a close up shot! (:
nice eh? hehe

Dad’s rack of lamb
done to perfection. (:
he enjoyed it alot!
I’m not a very lamb person
it was a bit to fatty for me.

kor’s sliders with blue cheese and bacon!
with fries and sweet potato chips which I love! haha
but he say the burgers were not as good as his! hahaha (: FOR SURE LA!

the dessert I ordered was their strawberry shortcake with vanilla bean cream
it was soooo good!
it’s warm on the inside!
together with the vanilla bean cream = TO DIE FOR! haha
im serious. very good. (:

the only thing I wasn’t too happy about was the ice water we had.
I asked for ICE WATER.
but they gave me expensive bottled water!

CHEAT MY MONEY! – $11 okay! haha
expensive water!
i was so angry! cos i saw them serving other tables like the free kind? haha
next time, I’m going to say TAP WATER. haha
oh wells.
lucky the service was top notch! (:
so it topped our night. hehe

nice ambiance,
nice company.