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Bestie Day (:

17 Aug
I’ve always enjoyed meeting Jas
cause we are alike in so many ways. (of cos not looks and height haha)
btu yea. We think and speak and do everything alike.
it’s quite cute when I think about it (:

Haven’t got to see her for more than 2 months!
so we had to meet up today.
We had lunch at Toast!
and I must say, it’s a very nice place to just hang out and have a meal (:
and so we did!

and we shared a sandwich and a side salad which was pretty yummm

smoked salmon with cucumber, dill and cream cheese
it was really really good!
and healthy i must add. hehe

and the chicken cesar salad.
Think they had more interesting ones
but we sticked to what we know. haha
not too bad really.
though maybe the others might have been better (:

and we of course had to try one of their cupcakes!
and my eyes were drawn to the…

The Elvis
it’s chocolate cupcake with banana and peanut butter icing.
it’s really awesome! couldn’t stop smiling after having it. haha

very quickly.

now you see it.

now you don’t! (:
was gone very quickly! hehe

well the next time we would wanna try the..

the turkey sandwich. hehe
I only got a chance to take a photo because they sent it to our table wrongly
and I snapped it very quickly! haha

so next time. I would know what I wanna get. (:
and of course. another kind of cupcake.
but to be honest.
I wouldn’t mind having the Elvis again. haha
im a sucker for peanut butter! (:
REESE’S man. haha

after lunch we went to walk around.
and Jas wanted to try the powder from Benefit. hehe
so we did! (:
went to Tang’s and tried it out.
and I tried it out too.
with the new tint. can’t remember the name.
think it’s PosieTint. haha
so they tried it on use.
first the Dr Feel Good, then the powder, then the posietint hehe
and this was how we looked after.

this was when Jas bent her knees to be of the same height as me. haha

and this was when I tip-toed haha to be sort of her height. haha

can u see our ROSY cheeks? haha
we each bought something though!
I bought the Dr Feel Good to minimise my pore size.
and she got the powder. haha

Thank you dear for a FABULOUS day! (: hehe
Always good to meet up with u.
Meet soon for Jap Food! *yumyum*

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Dinner at Mayim

17 Aug
Caught Money No Enough 2 with mummy last night
and yes. it’s touching
and YES. I cried. haha.
but the issues that Jack Neo touches in his movies
are always things that really are happening here in Singapore.
Or will happen in the future.
SO go catch it! it is pretty good (:

After the show, that we caught at Westmall
Mummy brought me to this restaurant that she had with dad many times.
the food was really quite good!
and not too pricey. hehe
so this was what we had for the night :

we had salt and pepper fried tofu!
this was really superb.
the tofu was nice and crispy
and the fried chili and garlic that went with it was super delish!

this is like a must have dish everytime we eat at a chinese restaurant.
4 season beans. haha translate it in chinese!
very good.
the funny thing is they fried it with diced celery and I ate it!
haha. if you must know.
I do not like celery very much. hehe
but it was good still!

honey glazed pork ribs!
this was goood! but should have it like one per person.
more than one tends to get a bit jelat. hehe
but still good!

and mummy couldn’t resist not answering this! haha
i must say it’s not as terrific as I anticipated.
haha so we packed it home to cook it with something else!

ALOT of food for 2 people. haha
but yea. it was really nice catching up with mummy after a week of work and stuff (:
so go catch the movie!

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