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Torey Hayden

14 Aug

My favourite book as yet. (:
An inspiring book I must add.
Something to keep me company on my way to work every morning

For me to even finish a book, it’s like AWESOME. haha.
It’s been a while since I finished a book.
The only other author I finished was Jane Green.
But this is better than the fiction books.

I read this
and I could relate to it.
to my current job. it was amazing.
How she felt is how I felt.
and reading how the children did turn out in the end.
I could almost feel tears in my eyes! (:
it was THAT good. hehe
I’m on my next book now.
and yes. I’m addicted to this one too!

Torey Hayden is an educational psychologist and a special needs teacher.
EXACTLY what I wanna be in the future.
I think it is one reason why I’m drawn to her books.
haha. If you know me.
Not easy for me to be DRAWN to a book.
but for these books.
I cannot not read them when I’m free! *smiles*