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Pork Knuckle

9 Aug

After work yesterday
I met Dad and Mum for dinner at Clementi
We went back to Peaberry & Pretzel (where I had the warm chocolate pudding)
but this time. we had their famous Pork Knuckle!
Although it was a whole day of sugary food.
I wouldn’t say no to some fatty fried food! haha
it’s bad I know,
but it’s worth it really.  (:
But once again, you’ve got to pre-order it or else you wun get to eat it!
they only make 10 a day!

we had their fried portebello mushroom salad
and it was really good! (: and light. hehe

and we shared the huge pork knuckle
(photos taken from different angles! haha)

served with sauekraut and potatoes with bacon! (:
very very good. really. hehe

the side (:

and of course

a close up! (:

tempting eh? hehe

and they served us bread with butter.
and I loved how the saucer for the butter looks! (:
shall go find at sia huat! haha

Baby called while we’re indulging and he wanted to have it as well
one more place to bring him at the end of the year! *smiles*

well. you can imagine how full we were by the end of the night!
no room for dessert!


National Day Celebrations

9 Aug

it was a fun filled day! (:
Games and food all day! hehe
and I’ve never seen all the children that happy before
since I started working.
So it gave me a very warm feeling.

Thanks to the other teachers who organised such a wonderful day!

Well, to celebrate National Day
we have been on the theme of Our Nation this whole week.
so we’ve been doing art work to celebrate this occasion

of course we did the Singapore Flag (:

and I made all my morning children take a photo with it! haha

they are amazing kids. (:

orchids that they did

the merlion! (:
pretty eh? we used aluminium foil. hehe

and I took a few photos of the children playing games as well.
they really really had alot of fun!

throwing the rings through the bottle
they were pretty good at it i must say! (:

another game that they played
the teacher giving instructions!

High five! (:

the other Expressive class (:

we had a HUGE Singapore flag cake!
and it was pretty goood! hehe

and yes they were all aiming for it!

We also had a school competition
to do a collage of a merlion head!

we did pretty good eh? hehe
but EVERYONE is a winner! (:

Been a long time since I celebrated National Day
and it was really fun to be celebrating with them! (:

Happy Birthday Singapore!