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Day 2 : At Work

5 Aug
once again. it was tiring
but it still felt good (: hehe
oh! i forgot to say that i have to climb 3785674564329875 steps early in the morning to get to work
from the train station. haha
it’s like my morning exercise now! *grins*
don’t think it’s enough.
but i havent got used to working and I feel exhausted by the end of the day
so I can’t gym after work as yet. but I will soon!
Give me time!
for now. I got my 4567865974832564792385 stairs! (:

so I got MORE scratches today.
got kicked in the chest
and ALMOST got bitten. haha
all by one guy! aiyoyo.
oh wells. I will be okay.
some aloe vera. and TADAH!
all okay (:
Perseverance ; i will have!

but for now.
I sleep really early! haha
like by 10pm every night.
Yes, I’m that tired!
so toodles for now! (:
Tomorrow will be hopefully a less-scratched day!

it’s okie. don’t worry. I knoe you’re busy! hehe
Maybe it’s better to meet next week?
this week I need to get use to the work hours and all (:
so you can do your stuff and not rush! hehe
hopefullly we will meet soon! hehe


At long last!

5 Aug
The internet in Melbourne is up! (:
im like super duper happy
And somebody decided to trick me today somemore!
but never mind.
cause now I can see youuuuu! *grins*