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First Day of Work

4 Aug
Just yesterday, at mass.
The message was to have :

And true enough
on my first day of work.
I was challenged.
Having never working with Special Needs children before.
I would say my first day went pretty well.

Just for the first day
I was…
scratched, hit and pushed. haha
and mostly by one child.
I don’t blame them. cause they can’t be verbally expressive.
so the only way they can express their emotions is through their actions.
and they did just that.
But seeing them learning throughout the day
picking up on every word we, as teachers, say
being able to set the table with placemats and cutlery
eat on their own
Able to go to the toilet on their own
touched my heart, deeply.

So even though today was a tiring day
physically and mentally.
the words of what I learnt from Mass yesterday
all came into my mind today.
and would be in my mind everyday

Of course with the support from my family, baby and friends!
Kor actually woke up early and rushed to the bus stop to give me a hug and say good luck! (:
and my parents would support me no matter what!
Baby messaged me early in the morning to cheer me on!
and I can’t name all. but those who did message me
(before or after work)
Thank you very much! (:

I loved every single minute working with these children.
felt so satisfying just going through the day of school with them (:
And I am looking forward to tomorrow already.