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Makan Trip to Johor!

3 Aug
yes. the title says it all!
it was something we wanted to do for a while already
and since my dad’s friend was going in
we decided to tag along!

we were stuck at the causeway for an hour or more
(supposedly this is quite short already haha)
and headed straight to our first stop!

we saw this place on a TV show
and they made the most amazing bread and cakes!
last week, Unle Lawrence (the same uncle who drove us in)
bought some for us to try!
Kor loved it!
but we went into Johor a tad bit too late
they sold out of bread already =(
we got to buy banana cake!
one of their famous food sold there
so we were still contented! hehe

what made me very happy
was to see the making and baking process! hehe
it was an eye opener la!

their woodfire oven
used to bake the bread first
then the cake after the bread is sold out! (:

the baker pouring in the banana cake mixture
he weighed them all to make sure they were of equal weight
before putting them into the oven!

TADAH! it’s done! (:
this old auntie has been here forever! hehe
she told us the shop has been doing this for the past 70 over years!
omg. it’s like my dream. haha
bake all my life!

the cake was soft and packed with bananas!
very very good. (:

we then headed to Danga Bay for a stroll
as we were still too early for dinner.

there are alot of restaurants at this place.
it’s a newly developed place.
and also the place opposite our dinner place!
so it’s easy for us to find the next time. hehe

they have small small shops that sell things dirt cheap!
but it was under renovations yesterday.
what a pity!

i love this shot! (:
i love to see the reflection of the sun on the waters.

okie. now it’s time for the main place for the trip!

some may recognise this place if you also watched the tv show that night!

it’s a restaurant in their own house!
cool eh? hehe (:

you have to book before u head to this place. 2 days in advance. or else you won’t be able to dine here (:
Advance booking only! (:
(address and telephone number at the end of the post!)

this place is famous for their…

beggar chicken!
it’s chicken wrapped with chinese herbs
then cooked in MUD for like 8 hours!
don’t worry
it’s very clean!
wrapped with many layers of baking paper before being stuck under mud for the 8 hours of cooking time!

it’s a family business!
the guys are the one who will dig it up from the mud pit
break it apart
and the woman will transfer it onto a plate before serving! (:

and this is what you get!

they also cook other things the same way

glutinous rice! (:
they call it jing zhen tou!
so cute aye?

the inside of the rice
with chinese mushrooms and meat!
just like our bak zhang!

they also had beggar duck!
which in our opinion is better than the chicken. (:
but that’s only our opinion hehe
according to the owner
they have one more herb as compared to the chicken!
and that one more herb madealot of difference!

this dish is call country fish!
it’s very very interesting.
they take out the meat of the fish, keeping the skin intact
then add stuff into the fish meat
and stuff it back into the fish before frying it!

it was soooo good!

nice and crispy ont he outside.
it was awesome!
very very good.
a must try if u do go!

the best fried tang hoon i had really.
it was tasty and everything good! haha (:

and guess what’s in this???

all the chicken stock, goji and dates goodness! (:

such a cute way to present this dish!
the soup was soo sweet. like naturally cause of all the herbs and dates
it was really good

and of cos.
everything has to go with their home-made chili!

so yes there were alot of food
but i kept to my diet
and only ate a bit of each
not even 3/4 full by the end of the meal! (:
so i still got to try everything. hehe

Baby : Next time we go there! (:
you will love the things they have there! hehe

and please remember to call and book the dishes u want 2 days in advance!
don’t say you’ve never been warned! *grins*

Venue :
Ban Heong Seng Restaurant
34B Jalan Skudai, Jalan Aha
(Off Jalan Tahar)
80200 Johor Bahru
Tel : 07-237 5194
Handphone : 016-757 1887