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Order Up!

31 Jul
My second order! (:
Thank you again Aili for supporting me. hehe
very nice of you.
Hope you and your friend enjoyed the cupcakes! hehe

this time
there wasn’t any red velvet cupcakes.
she ordered chocolate cupcakes and the banana walnut one (healthier choice!)

these were how they turned out!
i was quite happy! (:

she’s going to use this as her blog’s heading hehe
thankfully the sugarpaste dried in time! haha

a close up!
chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache

and the healthier choice
Banana walnut cupcake!
with a flower cut-up banana haha
so cute right?
i like it alot. hehe

and so did my dad! hehe
cos I made some extra for home (:
they loved it! hehe

hope you did too, Aili!