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A Night of Desserts – sinful!

30 Jul
I love the spontaniety of my daddy (:
After watching this television program that introduced places to eat around Clementi
He took his car keys and said
“Let’s go have ice cream!”

it’s really been a long time since we just went out for desserts
and I must say we picked the right place!

i love the simplicity of the decorations in the shop.
the lights ; everything
and the ambiance was super nice too. at night.
as the place had a open bar just  beside it.
we had free music! haha

So I did the ordering haha.
cos Im such a dessert girl. (not very good for my waist!)

and this was what we had that night

warm chocolate pudding with Vanilla ice cream and vanilla sauce

SO good i tell you. they used the top notch chocolate
like 66% coca or more.
the richness of the chocolate.
really super awesome. (:
it was warm and gooey on the inside.
together with the cold vanilla ice cream.
 a perfect match.
divine. just divine

On the television program
we were attracted to their home made sorbets
they had a dish that had 7 different flavours of sorbets!
but we decided to choose the trio one.

(from the left) Mango, Lychee and Strawberry

I would recommend the mango and strawberry.
but the lychee did taste a bit artificially flavoured.
so I will go for other flavours!
of course if u had more people.
you should try the 7 scoops one. haha
it would be interesting! hehe

Though we only had desserts
they are also known for their German pork knuckle
which we would be trying soon! hehe
but have to pre order!
cause they only make 10 a day. hehe
So look forward to seeing the post on the pork knuckle, German food fans! (:

Venue :
Peaberry and Pretzel
106 Clementi Street 12
Tel : 6777 3477
Website :