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Drawing a conclusion

26 Jul
today while walking with baby in town
we both agreed on this conclusion :

“If you don’t have it, definitely don’t flaunt it.
If you think you have it, you shouldn’t flaunt it.
If you have it, sometimes you shouldn’t flaunt it as well.”

hahaha. oops. well.
in most circumstances.
it really does apply!


Update : Job

26 Jul
4 Aug! (:
that’s the date I start my new job at an assistant teacher at St. Gerard’s pre-school
I must say I am pretty excited about this job!
cause it is something I might be doing in my future
helping all the special needs children
and starting from pre-school is a pretty amazing feeling
and Im saying these without even starting my job yet! hehe
I see this as a good sign!

so I’ve got a week before I start work.
I’ve got 2 orders due on the 1 Aug (:
I’ve got time to do what I want to do before I begin! hehe

The only thing I’m not looking forward to is tmr night.
but since I’m working
and Baby is going to be studying
I pray this 3 months will pass really soon!
Cause off I go to Melbourne and Auckland in November!