Happy Birthday Gladys!

17 Jul
June Jiejie wanted to celebrate this special day
with just us three girls (:
I thought that’s very sweet of her.

We decided to head down to Hotpot Culture at Marina Square
And I must say
the amount we paid ($19.80++) was really worth every penny!
The buffet included :

1) Porridge buffet
2) Steamboat buffet
3) Chocolate fondue

Everything was unlimited! haha
so. Just imagine how much we ate and multiply by 538746781462987416 (:
and the spread was really good!

the things that were taken from the porridge buffet spread!
there’s more. this is like. not even half!

we each had an individual steamboat!
so we could eat anything we wanted. hehe

We chose the soup base we wanted and ordered from 40 over different types of food!
Gladys and I had chicken soup (the clear one above)
and June jiejie had the tomyum soup base. hehe

one of my favourites : pork shabu shabu

and having chocolate fondue is a bonus for us
but not so good for our tummies. haha

the good thing is. The chocolate is refillable (as many times as u want)
and so is the ice-cream!
We didn’t ask about the fruits and banana bread
But I won’t be surprise if it is refillable as well!
I would be very amazed if you ordered a second helping for that
cause we couldn’t even finish what was given!

Well just three girls having a blast
chatting and celebrating (:
Always nice to spend time together. hehe

Happy Birthday my dearest cousin!
Forever 18 yea? hehe

Venue :
Hotpot Culture
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-138D
Marina Square Singapore 039594
Tel : 6333 9844


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