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random thoughts

12 Jul
Just sitting here.
Trying to motivate myself to get my ass to the gym. haha
while looking at random blogs
It got me thinking.

Is it really no pain no gain?
Do skinny girls have all the fun in the world?
Do people really judge others for being plus size?

Self-esteem has always been my weakness.
and I’m trying my best to change that
and work on it
Just so that I will be as happy inside as I am on the outside (:

But that, will take time!
and time is what I have. I guess. hehe
All I have to do is try and find a way to be motivated enough to start exercising
Any ideas or stories you wanna share?


Scissors cut vegeatable curry rice!

12 Jul

Kor brought Mummy, me and Jane for curry rice
the shop is located at Jalan Besar
and it’s a place he use to go when his office was near by. hehe
I must admit
I am not the biggest fan of curry rice
but this one was really good! hehe

how good does this look? mmmm

the best cabbage ever. haha
really. not kidding (:

curry chicken

fried pork chop

fried prawn rolls

fried egg with black sauce.
omg. this was really yummers!

stewed pork.
and this is something I know baby will love.
cause of..

the fatty parts of the pork! haha (:

it was a really good dinner. hehe
and yes. I went off track again for my diet. UGH.

Venue :
Lau Di Fang
Scissors Cut Vegetable Curry Rice
229 Jalan Besar
Opening Hours : 11am – 330am

The eating continues!

12 Jul

There was a Korean and Japanese fair at Plaza Singapura
and this attracted my eye. haha
They have it in Melbourne
But I think Baby and I are the only people who haven’t tried it yet! hehe
so I decided to buy one (choc banana) and give it a try

I must say it wasn’t as I expected.
The crepe was a tad bit too soft
I think I will try it in Melbourne when I head over at the end of the year (:
and see the difference hehe
I think the aunty who did our crepe was rushing it that’s why. hehe
oh wells.
we ate till there was no banana left then threw the rest away. (oops)

We met korkor and Jane for dinner that very night
and he brought us to eat XO fish Bee Hoon! hehe

now this.
is very good (:

the soup has a really strong XO taste. haha
I guess some people may like it. some won’t
but I did! we all did! (:

VERY good prawn paste chicken (:
crispy and everything nice you can think of it.

I think you call this “he zor” haha
prawn thingie (:
yummers as well! hehe

To complete the day.
and since it’s at Holland Village.
we headed to Tango’s! (:

Venue :
Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun Restaurant
 Blk 46 #01-359
Holland Drive