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A Day of Food!

10 Jul
It was like foodie day (:
we had three very good meals through the day!
can you believe that? hehe
We travelled all around the sunny island. haha

The three places are :
1) ABC Market
2) House of Seafood
3) Bedok Blk 85

Lunch @ ABC Market

Mummy wanted to bring Baby to ABC market for the longest time
to have the pig organ porridge. hehe
so we brought him there in the afternoon. (:
and he enjoyed it so much! hehe
and he couldn’t resist not ordering the claypot liver.
and mummy order the raw sliced fish for him to try too hehe

Dinner with Sam @ House of Seafood

Sam is back from Melbourne too!
So we decided to meet for dinner at House of Seafood
and since Sam always talked about having crab
we had crab!
Black pepper crab to be specific. hehe

we started with this you tiao thing haha
i forgot what it’s called.
but it was yum!

then the hot plate deer meat
a bit overdone hehe
but it was okay still (:

and we had man tous that look like pig noses! haha

and the dish of the day is…

a really huge crab! hehe
and like Sam said.
it was really goood! hehe

I was sooo full when dinner ended.
but we still had one more stop!

Supper @ Bedok

Kor brought us for supper after! haha
we can really eat i tell you. haha
We went to Bedok for Bak Chor Mee! hehe
it’s something we will surely have when someone is back from Melbourne

Baby and I had just the meatball soup
super duper awesome! hehe

kor and Jane had the noodles
which were good too! hehe

and we had oyster egg as well haha

We ate like the whole day! hehe with not much breaks in between some more.
we have like very big stomachs! hehe
but we had really good food! (:

Venues :
1) ABC Market
(Near IKEA)

2) House of Seafood
180 Yio Chu Kang Road
Tel : 62827180
(Call to book especially on weekends!)

3) Bedok Blk 85 Hawker Centre
(Closed on Mondays!)

I guess this day threw my weight loss program off track. haha
but never mind (:
I got till November! hehe


Baby’s famous cheesecake!

10 Jul
Baby came over to my place to bake his cheesecake!
Kor and his parents has been wanting him to bake it for the longest time
so he decided to bake both together in a day
and it came out. PERFECTO! hehe
was very very good. hehe
As I was not the baker for the day
I helped a little with what I can
and took photos along the way!

we baked the base first so it’s nice and firm for the cheese layer

the ingredients used for the cheese layer of the cake

my new favourite buy! (:

can u see the vanilla beans? WOW right? haha

Creaming the cheese with the other ingredients

into the pan it goesssss!

into the over for 45 mins
and TADAH!
the best cheesecake in the world! (:

I accidentally hit baby’s finger and he got some of the mixture. haha

while waiting for one to bake hehe

and of cos. I got to taste it after putting it in the fridge for the whole day.
and all I can say is..

thank you for baking it baby! (: hehe
was super yummilicious!