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best friends

6 Jul
pictures speaks a thousand words

It’s really nice to see my cousin laughing and getting along with Lester (:


my baby’s favourite

6 Jul

We had dinner at Chomp Chomp with Zhenghan
and baby ordered this! haha

Fried hokkien mee with.. EXTRA LARD! hehe
so funny. i couldn’t stop laughing when it came. (:
my baby amuses me all the time! hehe

HK Cafe

6 Jul

half way through the packing of the old house
to get ready for the renovations
mummy wanted to take a break and have coffee
so I suggested HK cafe near our place.
and I must say
it was pretty goood! hehe

i loved the fact that the drinks were served old school. hehe
baby’s ice milk tea and my yuanyang (:

I wanted to try the french toast
and OMG! it was HUGE!

can you tell how big it was? haha
the size of korkor’s face!

and mummy’s favourite. bo luo bao! hehe
this one had pineapple in it. hehe

was goood tea! (: hehe

Macbeth – A success!

6 Jul
Macbeth was GREAT! (:
been a long time since i caught a play
and no regrets that I caught this one!

of course
the bonus is that Lester’s sister was in it.
I know a star! haha
well done Melissa! hehe
and for that.
you deserve…

and judging from the picture below.
you know how proud your brother is of you!
and so am I! hehe

more plays to come!