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Bowling Face-off

29 Jun

the three boys took up a challenge! hehe
well not really.
Aaron really wanted to bowl.
so I planned a bowling afternoon out at the club.
and he decided to bet with the two boys. haha

I must say he has improved HEAPS! hehe
so well done to you!
we will have round 2 this coming weekend. (:

korkor and his spinner ball

Aaron with his straight/back-up like shot. hehe

watch out people. My baby still got it! (:

lesson number 1.

well i did bowl. haha

I picked up the ball. and after 2 games.
my legs and fingers gave up.
so I became the photographer for the day. haha
im getting old. RAH.

our antique bowling balls. haha

So I’m looking forward to this weekend!
although the weekend just ended.
but never too early to look forward to the next!