Waraku lunch with Baby

27 Jun

Met baby at Marina Square to go for the Greengrocer Roadshow
and lunch at Waraku.

Went to the Greengrocer roadshow first.
was very tempted to buy the foie gra.
But decided to buy it through their website
Cause wasn’t going home straight from there. (:

So we headed to have lunch!

the menu was extensive! haha
we took pretty long to decide what we wanted.
in the end, this was our selection for the afternoon :

Seafood pancake on hot plate

this was the best dish for the day actually (:

Beef with miso paste

I must say this would be better if the beef was slightly thinner.
but it was not bad (:

Lastly, Garlic fried rice in hot stone bowl

this was not too bad. but was a tad bit too oily for our liking
but tasty!

baby enjoying the seafood pancake (:

I would say, when u go there for lunch
have their set lunch.
looks pretty good ( the table opposite me was having it haha )

oh. and my baby cut his hair!


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