Around the island of food we go!

25 Jun
Whenever Baby and I come back to Singapore
we would eat our hearts out. haha
Only because the food in Singapore not only tastes better.
it’s also cheaper! hehe (:
So why not right?
the only downside to eating our hearts out is.
growing sideways. haha
but doesnt matter. can always work on that later! hehe

Besides Tango’s (which we go ever so often)
our first eating stop was…

Crystal Jade

we ate a few small dishes cause we were saving our stomachs for dinner (:
our favourite dish from Crystal Jade is the chilled toufu

very very good (:
although I’m not a fan of the ginger
but lucky I have Baby to help me. hehe

we also had vege. hehe a must each meal! (:

We then ordered a bowl of porridge to share. haha
just so we won’t be too full! hehe

Always good to have you home! (:

Guess where we headed for dinner?

MOOFET! haha (not many people know why I call it that)
A must go when we are back. hehe
and we only go for dinner cause baby wants the snow crabs. hehe

For dinner.
there are a few changes! hehe
we found the teppanyaki side had…

use to just be chunks of normal beef. hehe
our eyes were practically glowing!

Our new favourite dish
Soup in a teapot. haha. love it!

Baby was very happy eating his snow crabs. hehe
all night! (:

well. the journey of munching and chewing will continue!
stay tuned!

Places we visited :  (thus far)

1) Crystal Jade @ Plaza Singapura
Telephone Number : 63362833

2) Kuishin-Bo @ Suntec City Mall
Telephone number :
Opening Hours : Lunch 12 – 2.30pm, Dinner 6 – 10pm

Always good to have you home Baby (:
i love you.


4 Responses to “Around the island of food we go!”

  1. mapoon_81 June 25, 2008 at 1:32 am #

    You know that’s what I used to do whenever I come back during uni hols? Eat as much as I can…for local stuff like roti prata, laksa etc…
    But prob wont be the case now…since you can get lotsa local stuff here and dont miss it at much coz my MIL is such a great cook!
    But each trip I come back with hubby we will go have Jap food etc….the last trip he tried the lunch buffet @ Sakae Sushi & Pepper Lunch and he loved it….these are 2 things/places that he will want to eat….
    It’s good to be food lovers….enjoy your time with your boi! How long is he back for? And when are you going to Melbourne again?

    • liannelow June 25, 2008 at 2:39 am #

      hehe (: yeah! jap food. yummmers! hehe
      yes. I love being a food lover. haha my waist. not so much. haha but never mind la! hehe
      my boy is back for a month and a half. hehe (: going back to Melbourne end of this year! hehe

      • mapoon_81 June 25, 2008 at 3:24 am #

        You still young..still can lose the weight…
        Cool back to Melbourne end of this year…if I go Melboune for CNY in Jan…maybe can meet..

      • liannelow June 25, 2008 at 1:16 pm #

        hehe (: i wun be there for CNY hehe Nov jus for a month. will be officially back in Feb! hehe

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