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The eating goes on…

20 Jun

Went to Shimbashi Soba at Paragon
it was me and baby’s first time.
and I must say. it was really good! hehe
and the set is really not too expensive for the amount that is served.
and plus! I’ve always been a big fan of soba.
what more hand-made on-the-spot soba noodles! hehe

kor’s tempura set with soba

my set came with chicken katsu don

and I ordered my soba chilled (: the way i love it. hehe

baby and mummy had the terriyaki chicken don with..

their soba hot! (: not bad either! hehe

and what makes the thing better?

chilli powder.
oh so good!

and fried tempura bits! hehe
super awesome. (:

and the only thing that can sum this meal up is

Venue : The Paragon #B1-41
Tel : 67359882
Opening Hours : 11.30am – 10pm