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16 Jun
I’ve been watching SATC series just so I would watch the movie with ease. haha
and I love the quotes that Carrie Bradshaw uses in the show
This is one that I really love and can relate to

” People come into your lives and people go, but it’s comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart. And if you’re very lucky, a plane ride away”

To think about it.
I’m the luckiest person on Earth.

Not only is my family close with me.
My baby is not only a plane ride away.
He is an sms,
a phone call and a skype video conferencing call away (:


This says it all (:



16 Jun
Everytime I enter an alley.
I would feel pretty sad.
cause I do miss the sport.
and I miss bowling in tournaments and travelling with the team
Those were the good old days.

This trip, the boys went bowling while we girls were shopping.
After we were done
We went to the alley to look for them.

and guess what I saw?

A bowling shoes dispenser!
I was super amused! haha (:

and what I loved on the display at the entrance

I want this in my room. haha (:

I miss bowling. I feel funny even saying it.

Thailand Trip – Part Four ( Home Sweet Home )

16 Jun
We had to wake up SUPER early this morning.
the bus came at 830am to pick us up
so we had breakie at 7! haha

after checking in to the airport
we headed to have a snack! hehe
and since we’re in Thailand.
I could not not have a serving of mango sticky rice!
it’s my favourite dessert ever.
I’m surprised I only ate it this once during the whole trip

This is Mr. Lee haha
we had our snack at his cafe!

how good does this look?
it tastes even better than it looks! haha

on our way to the gate
i saw this HUGE chuppa chups. haha
saw amusing!
it’s almost as big as Aaron’s head la!

and soon after. we’re in the air.
on our way home. (:

This is one trip, I would treasure each and every bit of the memories we shared!
thanks guys for going for it!

Thailand Trip – Part Three ( Chatuchak & More Shopping )

16 Jun

We took a train to Chatuchak market
which was a weekend market in Bangkok
We couldn’t take a taxi cause there would be a bad jam!

As you can see from the super long taxi queue
It’s like a place we have to go since we’re in Bangkok for the weekend.
there were 653221346576565 shops! haha
never ever get to finish walking the whole market. for sure.
and with the blazing sun, i guarantee it!

But the food sold at Chatuchak is really good!
all the small little snacks. hehe
everyone enjoyed it. (:

Gladys would have a coconut everytime she’s there!
it’s HUGE. haha

these are small custard puffs which are really magical.
it’s a hot favourite!

there’s alot of varieties sold at the market.
this is just one of the tables. haha

quail eggs! fried!
we couldn’t resist. haha

add a bit of soy and YUM! (:

can you see how much he enjoys it? haha

we had thai ice tea terak. haha
he is super good!
not just one pot. but with two!

Cold ice tea on a super hot day = AWESOME! (:

I had a sunburn. haha
a pretty bad one. UGH.

okie anyways. We headed to MBK again for lunch
June jiejie treated us to a very good Jap food.
Thank you!

the girls on the trip

the boys (:

The food we had :

the best meal we had thus far for the trip (:

after a hearty meal, the rest of the day was occupied by shopping!
till my leg was aching very bad. haha
been a long time since I shopped so long!

so when the ache was unbearable
i sat down with June at Black Canyon Coffee to have a cup of ice coffee!

loving their coaster!

and their coffee is the best!

Singapore use to have one at Serene Centre.
it’s a pity they closed it down =(

Dinner was at a road side store near our hotel.
The beef noodles were really good! hehe
i was too excited to take photos!
After the noodles and hot soup (with added chilli) we headed back to our hotel
and had our little own gambling den till it was time to drift to lala land. haha.