Thailand Trip – Part Two ( Shopping shopping shopping )

14 Jun
Bright and early
we girls headed to Platanium Mall and shopped till lunch time.
every thing was a good buy! haha
cheap and pretty (:

After a few hours, we met the boys for lunch at…

A&W!!!!! (:
been a while my friend. haha

their fried chicken was really good!
and needless to say their curly fries (:

and what quenched our thirst for the first half of the day was..

their rootbeer was from a tap, like the beer kind! so cute.

Gladys had a waffle fish burger.

was pretty interesting aye?

Big friendly bear (:

After a good, oily lunch
we headed to MBK to shop somemore
hoping that the guys would have more things to buy
but sadly, no. haha

we mad a pit stop at Dunkin’ Doughnuts

June jiejie picking what she wants.

we came across the cutest shop!
like clay stuff in a bottle.
and guess what i was looking for?

yup! u guessed right!
CUPCAKES! woohooo!

how cute right? omg. i love it la.

those with cupcake linings!
how talented was the guy who made them? (:

the others that i got.
also cupcakes! (: haha.

and i got a shou tao for my two grandmas!

they are the cutest of them all.

i practically went crazy! hehe

they had like fruits that looked so real!

like having a feast!

the birthday cakes!

the road side stalls.
how real do these look? hehe

superb skills these people have! (:

after a day of shopping it was time to fill our tummies!
so we headed to Siam Paragon for dinner.
it’s so grand
and it looks just like Paragon in Singapore. haha
we chose to eat at this place which had Thai, Indian and Chinese food
so everyone could eat what they want.

spicy pork noodle soup

my indian food.
so good!

kor had a try of Gladys’ seafood tomyum soup

After that we went to a night market
where more bargaining occurs! hehe (:
bought what Baby wants.

keep looking. the third day will come soon!


4 Responses to “Thailand Trip – Part Two ( Shopping shopping shopping )”

  1. zxdbd June 17, 2008 at 5:48 am #

    u’re really a sweet girl 🙂 and always thinking abt other ppl first.. heh. THANKS!! cause i really really enjoyed the trip lots!! now i find Singapore a tad too hot and humid for me. zzz

    • liannelow June 17, 2008 at 4:00 pm #

      (: well. it’s jus my personality la. I’m really glad you enjoyed urself! hehe it’s like making me really happy to know u did hehe
      haha. Thailand as hot, just not as humid!

  2. thetruthfulone June 17, 2008 at 6:24 pm #

    yeah my nut’s the sweetest
    she rocks! hehe:)
    OHMYGOODNESS. nut bring me on holiday with u
    sheeshhh. YUMS. food & shopping how awesome
    and i miss A&W to the coreeeee!

    • liannelow June 17, 2008 at 7:52 pm #

      Re: mmmm:)
      hehe thanks NUT! hehe (:
      you also very sweet what! hehe
      and of cos we can go on a holiday together. hehe
      how good tt thailand has A&W right? haha (:

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