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Thailand Trip – Part One ( Off To The Land Of Smiles )

13 Jun

Was 4 amazing days spent with the cousins (:
At last we could organise a trip and most of them could make it!
i was super happy bout it.

I would think Thailand, Bangkok, is a shopping paradise.
for girls. haha
sad to say, there aren’t much guy stuff there to buy.
so I think the guys got a bit bored.
But I do hope everyone enjoyed themselves!
cause I did! (:

so it was toodles to Singapore

and hello to the other hot country..Bangkok!

Bangkok International airport

So te first day was pretty wasted
Cause we arrived during the peak period
Thus we were stuck in a very bad jam
and ended up not being able to do much on that day
We ended up at Platanium Shopping mall’s foodcourt for dinner.

the very good chocolate and banana crepe (:
(not on the menu board!)

Gladys was super happy to be able to drink the Singha beer. haha

We went back to out hotel after
to rest and get ready for a full day of shopping! (:

more to come the next day!