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Father’s Day Celebration

12 Jun
This year the Low family had to celebrate Father’s Day a little earlier
Cause me and my brother will be away in Thailand! (:

So off we went to Tao’s
Though I was there a few days back.
Dinner was a tad bit different.
and the difference was a good one! hehe

I won’t be posting the same pictures again.
cause it would be repetitive. haha
but we had a few different things that night!

My brother tried the pumpkin soup
which came in a pumpkin bowl! hehe (:
well according to him, it’s the best pumpkin soup he’s had since Paris.
so it’s GOOD!

For dinner.
it’s a 7 course, instead of a 6 course meal.
and the addition is Grilled Mushrooms!
which were done really well!

Before having the soup
we had a sorbet to cleanse our palettes.

i must say it looks more like an ice blended. haha but cute! (:

and my gift to my dad and Lester’s dad is…

Jelly Hearts in individual cups! (:

I think it looks pretty. hehe (:
for the first time, I use a heart cookie cutter rather than free hand! haha

I also baked them the red velvet cupcakes. hehe
but the pictures were up before.

Well. I would just like to give a shout out to all the fathers out there.
especially mine and Lester’s


it’s a day all of you deserve truly
for all the hard work you’ve done for us, your children

love you dad! (: