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Guess the place!

10 Jun
This shall be a quiz. haha
actually it’s an easy one. but instead of telling u all about the place.
you can guess! haha
just gonna post the photos of the food. (:
ENJOY! hehe

Guess what’s this baby?

Squid ink pasta with grilled squid

This is a give away. haha Garlic Prawns!

Fried Calamari

So any guesses? hehe (:
it’s easyyyy.


Lunch with the girls

10 Jun

It’s always nice to be able to meet up with close friends and just have lunch together.
Sitting there just chatting away about everything going on in our lives.
Got to meet up with Lynn and Queenie
Which was great cause our schedules always crash. haha
actually theirs la. hehe so when they do have the same off day
we would try to meet up! hehe

Lynn haven’t tried Tao’s so I arranged for us to have lunch there.
Like before, the service was top notch.
Everytime I have a meal there, I always enjoy myself
cause the service is really good.
Plus the food is awesome!
and a very big plus, cheap! haha not that expensive la. hehe (:

i’ve always loved the lighting. haha
i want one in my room. (:

So this was how the menu works:
It’s a 6 course meal (don’t worry all small portions)
These are my selections for each course!

The Starter: Bacon and mushroom gratin

The Salad: Prawn Roll with Pork Floss

The Soup : Cream of Mushroom

Thick and scrumptous

The Main : Slow roasted Pork Ribs (THE BEST!)

The Dessert : Creme Brulee

The Beverage : Ice Grape Tea

the other food that the girls ordered was very good too!

Queenie’s oven roasted steak.

Lynn’s grilled chicken.

as for dessert, Queenie couldn’t resist the chocolate fondue option (:

Lynn’s green tea cheese cake
was very yum! hehe

The deal was pretty good I reckon
I enjoyed myself heaps. haha
Good food and Good company (:
We should do it again soon! hehe

Venue : Tao’s
1 Selegie Road
B1-19 Paradiz Centre
Singapore 188306
 Tel: 63398858

Order Up!

10 Jun
I was really excited cause this was my very first order.
I had to wake up early just to make sure everything went smoothly.
Really happy with  how everything turned out especially the Red Velvet cuppies. hehe

Thank you Aili for your support! (:
I really do hope you liked those you ordered. hehe
I will think of nut ones soon!

The birthday series she ordered for her friend (:
my first time using sugar paste. haha
quite challenging. but fun! hehe

Although I dunno who ZY is.
But if you do read this.
Happy Birthday! (:

haha this is kor’s creation of Red Velvet.

This was my creation
and how it was given to Aili (:

The custom sugar paste she wanted me to put on top of the cupcakes

Just looking at how the icing could stay for the Red Velvet
I couldn’t stop smiling (:
Cause the previous I tried didn’t turn out too well. hehe
So I’m really happy it did!