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6 Jun

Baby’s sister (melissa) will be acting in this play
and I’m really very excited to go see it.
So support the arts! hehe
give it a go.
I’m sure you would enjoy it too! hehe

Just in case you all can’t see the details.
here it is!

July 3-8th
NAFA Studie Theatre
Tickets through SISTIC
Tickets: $25/$19 Concession

so go book now! (:


Jalen Testerman

6 Jun
Trust me. You would LOVE him!
he’s like gorgeous. and very talented.
My brother wants to adopt him! hehe (:

Class for Cooks!

6 Jun

our starter for the night
cherry tomatoes with homemade basil oil
I had a blast! hehe (:
it was organised by


and trust me. no matter how good a cook you are.
attending these classes would surely teach you something!

so the menu of the night was:

1) Tataki of Chateaubriand with Miso Foie Gras Sauce
2) Wagyu Foie Gras Shepherd’s Pie Topped with Truffle Mash
3) Kahlua Tiramisu

it was my first time trying raw beef to be honest.
I didn’t really know if I’ll like the taste
BUT! it was so good! haha.
i really really liked it.
especially the miso foie gra sauce.
really complemented the tataki.

the beautiful tenderloin that was seared on the outside.
just to keep it’s shape when being cut.

the whole tenderloin was sliced thinly and placed on a nice glass plate
presentation is everything! (:

the miso foie gras sauce.
really superb.

looking all colourful and pretty.

merv putting the finishing touches.
lemon juice! hehe

Vanessa’s turn to teach us the next two meals!

she allowed us to taste theingredients in it’s original state.
so that we knew how they tasted before incorporating into the dish.

whisking the egg whites till they were fluffy and stiff!

11 egg yolks!
whipped till it’s pale and creamy

then start the layering! (:

till the top!

and this goes into the fridge to be nice and cold
before being served (:

this is just. heavenly to smell and of cos taste!
and it was mixed with the mash for our shepherd’s pie!

all smooth and ready to go!
kitchen aid is magical i tell u. haha

frying the foie gras!


into the oven it goes!
yum yum (:

with the tataki we ate it with salad
the dressing was balsamic cream which was soo good.

and there was extra foie gras to go around!

lucky us! hehe

had so much fun!
and was great meeting other foodies. hehe

the big group of us

the students

me and jaslyn (:

so thank you once again


it was a very well organised class! hehe
looking forward to the next! hehe

and of cos. thank you greengrocer for the yummy food!